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I just wanted to say thanks again. Your hospitality was very much appreciated! I thank you for creating such a welcoming and accepting environment . I wish you all the best,
S.Hariharan / Chennai

Both my wife and I have been using HERBAL CURE services for a couple of years now. Acupuncture has been the only thing that gives either of us any long term relief from on going back pain.
P.Madhavan & Usha Madhavan / Tambaram

Pain in my hip, which prevented me from walking, prompted me to seek medical care. After an MRI, x-rays, and cortisone injections including an epidural, I decided to try acupuncture treatments. After six sessions, I can hardly believe the improvement. I can now walk without a cane and can again enjoy one of my favorite activities
T.Vijayakumar / Tambaram

I can't believe how fast I'm recovering with very little pain
S.Nandhini / Tambaram

My face used to be full of acne bumps and they've caused me much embarrassment after visiting your clinic now i feel better thanks a lot
P.Revathi / Valasaravakkam